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Look no further! Our lovely So Weird Forum member, thebossapplesauce, has uploaded all seasons of So Weird on Dropbox!!

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3 (on 4share)

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So Weird Live Stream - Thursday April 17th

Hey everyone!. Hope you’ve had a great week! here are the episodes I’ll be live streaming tonight.

S02-EP08 - “Werewolf”
While at a bed and breakfast, Fi suspects that the animal preying on local farms may be a werewolf.

S02-EP09 - “Second Generation”
Fi meets a young man who’s really the clone of his genius scientist father.

S02-EP10 - “Oopa”
When a rich but nerdy computer genius is attracted to Molly, Fi gets the opportunity to examine a mysterious out of place artifact that turns out to be an ancient computing device.

S02-EP11 - “Banshee”
Fi fears that a banshee has come to announce the impending death of her grandfather.

S02-EP12 - "Strange Geometry"
As Molly shoots a music video in an abandoned building, Fi discovers a portal to the spirit world and can’t resist entering it.

Come and join us at SWUStream Starts 10:10 PM. New York time, Hope to see you there!

Here’s a TV Guide I found on Ebay. it’s from the year 1999. Jan 18th, 1999 is when So Weird’s very first episode aired on the Disney Channel. The only thing about SW in this guide is the front page and on Page 4. It talks about the show and Mackenzie Phillips. There was 2 of these, And Now I can’t find the other one, They must of sold it. To view the pics bigger right click on the photo and then click “Open link in new tab”

So Weird Live Stream - Starts In 4 Mins!

So Weird Live Stream - Starts In 9 Minutes!.

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So Weird Live Stream - April 10th

First off I would like to apologize for last Thursday. I was very busy that week and forgot all about it :/

Anyho. I am live streaming So Weird tonight, even though I caught the cold and began yesterday with me sneezing all over the place, Which is exactly what I’ve been doing today, with headaches and a stuffy/runny nose. But I feel well enough to do this :) And I must watch So Weird, That last Sunday’s episode of Once Upon A Time was just awful D: I swear if it wasn’t for Regina Mills & Rumbelle I would of quit watching months ago (My OTP is SQ, it’s painful, HELP!) Anyway enough of me babbling these are the eps I’m showing tonight. Hope you guys can join me!. I love talking to you guys! *hugs*

S02-EP02 - “Drive”
Jack and Clu buy a car that belonged to a man whose wife died while he was trying to drive to the hospital to help her (she had earlier had a heart attack). It’s spirit forces its driver to head for the hospital to complete its Earthly mission.

S02-EP03 - “Siren”
When Carey falls for a young female singer with a beautiful voice, Fi discovers that the girl is a siren (a bird-woman from Greek mythology who seduces men with her singing voice) and is being exploited by Molly’s ex-manager.

S02-EP04 - “Nightmare”
Fi, Jack and Clu find that they are all having the same nightmare, all related to a frightened little boy.

S03-EP05 - “Listen”
As the band is doing a concert at a local farm town for charity, Fi notices that the townspeople have the ability to read minds and discovers that it may have been caused by eating wheat from a field that was branded by a crop circle.

S03-EP06 - “Mutiny” (Fabulous Nus episode)
Clu finds a piece of driftwood from a sunken ship and Ned becomes possessed by the spirit of a sea captain who was on the ship when it sunk.

SWUStream starts at 10:10 PM. New York Time.
Also I would like to announce that it’s Cara Delizia’s birthday! Swing by Facebook if you can and say Happy Birthday!

So Weird Live Stream

So I’ve been busy these past few days and I forgot about SW today and I wanted to say sorry :/ But if anyone is up to it I can go ahead and start the live stream now, Just send me a message if you want to. If not I will wait till next Thursday.

Anonymous asked:

Hello, does anyone know where I could get a copy of So Weird on vhs/dvd?

Disney never released official DVDS..But you can get them here
They were recorded on TV and put on DVRS. I bought 2 sets of them from this website. Only a few episodes have bad quality.

So Weird Live Stream

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So Weird Live Stream - March, 27th

Tonight at 10:10 PM New York time I am live streaming The first season of So Weird! Along with the first ep of Season 2 “Medium” Come and join us! At SWUStream

Here are the episodes that will be shown tonight.

S01-EP10 - “Tulpa”
Fi tries to help a boy who has a destructive imaginary friend (a tulpa).

S01-EP11 - "Singularity"
Clu becomes lost in a wormhole in a curmudgeon’s back yard and it’s up to Fi to save him.

S01-EP12 - “Lost”
Fi uses the computer game SimCity to help a hospitalized woman escape the confines of her mind and wake up from her decade-long coma.

S01-EP13 - “Will o’ the Wisp”
While viewing the ghost lights of Marfa, a mischievous will o’ the wisp takes over Jack’s body and freezes time leaving Fi to decipher the riddle of his name or the creature will inhabit Jack’s body permanently.

S02-EP01 - “Medium”
Fi tries to contact her dad through a real medium who spends his time debunking fake mediums and has no interest in using his own talents.

Hope to see ya there!