No one ever talks about Disney’s So Weird

It was a 90s paranormal show of girl who travels around with her mom’s band on tour. The Pool episode was the scariest if I could ever find it.

Rejoice fellow weirdos! Rejoice!

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So Weird
Relationships - Molly and Rick Phillips
"He was my husband, my love, my best friend."

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So Weird - “Family Reunion” - Ghost Boy
Requested by liesellisabeth

So Weird - “Fountain”
"Honey, you’re gonna be okay."
"I’m not talking about the flu! I’m getting younger all the time, and I don’t know how to stop it."
"Well, breathe on me. I could use a case of that."

So Weird - Chuck, Molly’s beautifully expressive bassist, aka “Dudebro”

So Weird - “Strange Geometry”
"Think of it, Fiona. From time immemorial, we’ve all ended up as Death’s hostages. Now, I will be the first to escape, and you - you will be my liberator."