Here’s to another attempt to make Disney release So Weird in some viewing format

"Just saw a commercial advertising DisneyReplay on the Watch Disney app. The shows they advertised were Cory in the House, That’s So Raven, Even Stevens, Kim Possible, and Lilo and Stitch— the same shows they’ve been playing on the televised block. But maybe there’s a better shot of getting So Weird released on the app than on tv. " - therainonthepavement

Please go here to request they add So Weird to the Disney replay section. The more requests they get, the better the chance!

So Weird - “James Garr”
"What if this isn’t a medical problem? What if something happened to Mr. Garr while he was frozen?"
"You mean, what if James Garr’s soul left his body because he seemed to be dead?"

Anonymous asked:

Was O'Shannon Molly's maiden name? or from her mother's family?

That’s her mother’s maiden name, Mcquinn is Molly’s maiden name.

So Weird - Celtic and Irish Influence
Requested by liesellisabeth

So Weird - “Blues”
"Whoever wrote the song knew that someone was gonna come kill them, and steal something from ‘em. I think the song wants us to find out who the killer was, and what he stole."

Fiona has a rock star mom…
A life on the road…
Her own website…
And a fascination
that makes her life…
So Weird

Inspired by the official poster

So Weird - Jack Phillips
Happy Birthday, Jack! (August 17)


Hello, fellow Weirdos! =] I am back from vacation.

If you have a request for a gifset, please let me know by Friday. After that, I will stop taking requests because I have way too many ideas, it turns out, and I will not be able to get to all of them as it is.

The good thing is that I only have one episode gifset left to make, which means that I will meet my original goal of having one gifset on this blog for each episode of the first two seasons.

- Emily

Please contact fi-phillips for any requests! :)





It comes with great pain to announce the ending of the So Weird live stream. When we started the stream it was a few fans getting together to watch, what we believe to be, one of the most undervalued shows on television. As it turned out there was still a group of people out there keeping the faith and joined us in our watching of So Weird. The first two times through the series went well. The series is short with only three seasons, but the show and music kept us coming back for more. As time went on and our time viewing each episode raised, people drifted apart. Either from the stream, from the show, from each other, but people moved on. A small core continued to show up and though the intimacy was nice, it wasn’t the same. When things like this break apart there’s name calling and petty back and forths, but the ending to the live stream feels more appropriate and natural, especially compared to how the series we watch ended. Not to say there isn’t some bitterness between a few of us, that did more to hurt the continuation of the live stream than it helped, but if it continued to go strong no petty bickering could have ended this. It’s important to know that most of us still adore this show, the amazing characters and the beautiful music. Our biggest problem is that we crave more. We will continue to post in this blog and the forum. We will eventually have the episodes up for everyone on there as well. Even though we can no longer congregate and watch together, keep the faith for a DVD and enjoy this wonderful show in your own. We end this happy for the time we spent together. Thank you :) and hugs to you all!


#?????????????#i thought they eneded already???#if i knew they were happening i would have gone!!#i loved the livestreams#and im sure if we still made the announcements every week we’d get #more newcomers#well now i’m sad#i didn’t move on#i just couldn’t go for one semester because i had to be up at 5am every morning- therainonthepavement

I loved the livestreams too. I think the major downfall was when Disney took off the videos from youtube, ending our tinychat stream. It was very simple there, guests could come and chat,  anyone could play a video, it was great. Gabby had problems with ustream though after that and there was no backup in case a problem would occur. I hope we can still host a stream every once in a while? I have livestream and am willing to show them there. I need to test it out though. I also was kinda busy with school when they would show it but I always tried my best to make it. I was looking forward to the summer streams cuz im not doing anything. 

Again, I loved the livestreams! I remember I wanted to see if people would remember the show and if so we could all fangirl together while watching the eps. And that did happen! We lasted a year, almost every week, and as far as livestreams go for an old dinsey show, that’s quite a success. I also got to meet cool people there and have become friends with them. It’s great. We still have the forum though, thankfully, which I also think is a success. We always have good traffic on there. 

I have something secret I’m working on for this fandom, I hope you guys will like it :)

Keep the faith

I also thought the livestreams ended weeks ago. I showed up one time and then read that same night that there wouldn’t be a livestream due to the ustream troubles. I had assumed that the problem would persist.

I think we were on hiatus until a better stream site was found

Yeah, I was thinking about Live Stream cause I could live stream it from my desktop and then talk to you guys on the live streams app. But since Crod isn’t going to come to the streams anymore and leave the forum I found it just won’t be the same :(. I’m still thinking I may continue the streams IDK. it’s just gonna suck without Chris there.